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Innovative Solutions which Benefit Montana families

Lake McDonald from Apgar Village by Tamm

Montana families and businesses deserve choices when it comes to their benefits solutions. We bring personalized consultations to our clients to empower them to best protect their families and their assets from the high cost of health care, illnesses and death. 

Is the COST of health care making you sick?
Solutions for Individuals
Is the COST of health care making you sick?
Solutions for Businesses

BENEFITS MONTANA opposes SB149 ... Montana families deserve MORE choice in the health care marketplace. Montana deserves OPEN and INNOVATIVE solutions, not limited to religious groups or historical organizations. 

BENEFITS MONTANA has a proven track record of success working with MEDICAL COST SHARING solutions with our Montana clients. These plans are OPEN and SECULAR, and offer worksite solutions for our small businesses.

SB149 in its current form would FORBID these solutions from being offered in Montana, while they are embraced in other states. 

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